Inspiration – at last

This is my first post for two days, but I did manage three poems, ‘Love Eternal’,  ‘Isabella and Irena Wianiawski – eternally waiting in Surrey’ and ‘The Wall’. The latter was in response to a great photo prompt on One Stop Poetry, the photographer was James Rainsford, and as before with his pictures, it unlocked a thought that had stalled somewhere between my brain and my pen. All three poems can be seen under the NaPoWriMo tag on this blog.

Both ‘Love Eternal’ and ‘Eternally waiting in Surrey’ were inspired by my visit to Brookwood Cemetery. The two matching headstones for the poet and the artist  (Love Eternal) were beautiful in their simplicity, but as moving for me was the way they seemed to nudge one another companionably – possibly the product of my over active imagination – but a beautiful thought nonetheless. I have tried to find them on Google but there is no trace of either his poetry or her artwork.
This led me to another train of thought –  even while acknowledging that Google is not the fount of all knowledge. What if they were both something entirely different in their real lives? Something mundane, without charisma, ordinary for want of a better word. What if they shared a dream to have been a poet and an artist, and, in death, made their dreams come true? For the first time for ages, I feel a short story coming on!

‘Eternally Waiting in Surrey’ inspired me because of the inscription on the headstone marking the resting place of a musician’s wife and her musician daughter. The inscription described Isabella as ‘wife of the immortal Polish violinist Henri Wianiawski of Warsaw’. Irena, the daughter, was mentioned as lying there but even though she had been a famous musician in her own right, it was only the father’s talents that were mentioned.
On investigation it emerged that he had been a prodigy and it was only the beauty of his playing that had persuaded Isabella’s parents to allow her to marry him when at first they had vehemently opposed the match. I find this a truly romantic story. The rest of the inscription is suitably beautiful… ‘Death wraps us in sleep that we may better live our dreams.’

There is a military funeral at the Necropolis today – a young soldier killed in Afghanistan. My first thought was to pay my respects and attend the service, but in the end I decided it would not be the right thing to do. Instead I send my prayers to the family on what must be the most painful and difficult day of their lives. They have to live through my worst fears and I pray for strength and peace for them all.

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