Onward…to One Shoot Sunday

Sadly, I did not get any further than the shortlist for the Fish Poetry Prize, but that in itself was a great result out of 1300 submissions, so I don’t feel too despondent.

Luckily it is Sunday and as usual One Stop Poetry has a brilliant article about their featured photographer, Rosa Frei. The images on the post are amazing and each could inspire a poem, and probably will throughout the week.

For today I am linking this one –

Thanks to Rosa Frei for this strong image

Take my hospitality for granted.
I’ll prepare a feast for you –
To honour you as guest ….

I have removed this poem to edit and rework it and hopefully find another use for it!…

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I am a writer and a poet.
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12 Responses to Onward…to One Shoot Sunday

  1. Dignity is imperative for the Eastern cultures, I think we lose a lot of traditional values in our Western modernism. Thanks for penning this and reminding us! Sorry to hear about the fish poetry prize, I’m sure there are plenty more opportunities out there for a poet of your calibre Sally, keep getting your work out there xx

    • SallyJ says:

      Thank you Shan – I need to find the courage to submit my work to publications rather than play safe with competitions I think. As for this character – his dignity and pride are so obvious in the photo – I loved writing to this prompt. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Rosa Frei says:

    Sally, you have my first price! So far…..
    Your beautiful poem shows me a lot of your sensitivity and insight into other cultures. I love that! Your words are very beautiful and they speak right from my heart! Thank you so much for this wonderful poem that really flatters the portrait of this man, which at the same time is a portrait of a great culture!

    • SallyJ says:

      Thank you Rosa, for such an inspiring photo to work from. Your photo has caught this man’s pride and integrity brilliantly. It was such a pleasure to write with an expressive prompt like this.

  3. dustus says:

    This is great, Sally. And first off, thanks for the kind words about One Shoot! Compliments to Chris and so glad you’re enjoying Sundays… As for your poem, you strike a balance between civility and awareness of not being taken advantage of. The poem speaks to maintaining individualism, as it does to the promotion of community respect. Feel good about your work. Fine poem!

    • SallyJ says:

      thank you Adam -and I really do enjoy the challenges set by One Stop. As for the poem, I’m glad you liked it. For me respecting our differences is one of the most important parts of human relationships.

  4. Hospitality is not always about friendship but ties and honour as we in the west have lost so much of our public/social rituals

  5. brian says:

    nicely played…particularly around the importance of allowing my diginity in not asking but allowing me to tell what i want…

  6. jay2 says:

    Sally this poem really deserves a wider forum. Respecting differences is at the root of civilisation and sometimes I think we have such a long way to go still.

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