Playing with rhyme

The One Stop Poetry task for today is to explore the use of rhyme and so I have a villanelle (ish) to offer…

English Seaside

Ceaseless, surging, the ebb and the flow
Of icy water assaulting the sand –
Salty, tangy, lip-licking glow
Of face and finger, nose and toe.
Seaweed, old plastic, afloat in a band –

Ceaseless, surging, the ebb and the flow.

Seagulls that skirmish, they swoop to and fro
Skimming the wave tops, dive bombing the strand.
Salty, tangy, lip-licking glow
On the knuckles of bait diggers hunkering low
Filling old rusty buckets with shovel and hand –

Ceaseless, surging, the ebb and the flow.

About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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17 Responses to Playing with rhyme

  1. Orjan says:

    Oh, this I like. It moves and surges just like the waves it describes. Well done!

  2. budhaaah says:

    it is supposed to be a fun poem and yet there’s a sad undertow..pulling at one.

  3. Gay Cannon says:

    So many of us seem to be turning to the sea today. It’s as though we received a memo. I’m always confounded by these co-incidences. I guess they don’t just happen in Dickens’ novels. I loved your poem and the clever and unforced way your rhymes seem to naturally occur giving that rhythm of the sea, echoing sound after sound. Beautiful. I’m not sure I’d call if a villanelle. It seems unique enough to me for you to name it as your own. Really well done.

  4. “Ceaseless, surging, the ebb and the flow.” I like the sound of this, so I’m glad it’s the repeated line. I dig that the poem feels like waves crashing. Good work! 😀

  5. JL Dodge says:

    Clever use of the rhyme in this !
    I too like the ebb and flow !

  6. brian says:

    oh i felt the tides in your words…really nice flow and rhyme scheme…

  7. 125% agreement in this surges nicely like the ebb and flow it describes 🙂 and love your adaptation of the villanelle form 😉

    Monty / bummy

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