This and that

There are some weeks where there is just no flow and this is one of them. Lots of little ends to tie up and no major project to keep me fully engaged. Having sent of the collection of poems to a publisher, I am casting around for what I should do next.

I have sent the first Four Point Press novel to be printed for our first self publishing author..many more to follow I hope…though the business hasn’t been publicised yet.

Paragram is moving steadily towards the first public reading event on 11th November at 7.30 pm in the Chertsey Bookshop. reading pieces have been identified and material for the anthology is mounting up as I type – all fonts embedded and Garamonded!

There is no current Olympic storyteller challenge at the moment – my ‘Team’ poem having netted a bronze medal this time, so my ball gown was not needed for the first prize which was tickets to the Olympic Ball last Friday evening. The poem can be read at

The first revived Stanza meeting went well last week, and hopefully that will gather momentum as more local poets find out about the group…publicity underway via the Poetry Society, existing members and Write Out Loud website.

I have discovered that my ‘novel’ , which is currently being used as scrap paper in the printer was written from entirely the wrong character’s voice and with the help of Adrienne Dines, my brilliant mentor, have mapped out the rewrite – all I need is the name of the main character…something tough and pithy yet still feminine…

I’ll just have to concentrate on the Country Market, a new initiative, for local writers/artists as well as for the market itself. We have been given the opportunity to sell chap books and anthologies of local pieces of writing illustrated by local artists…there will also be greetings cards of the illustrations and ‘poems on a postcard’. Time will tell as to whether any one will buy…but worth a shot I think.

I have also promised myself to start submitting more work both online and to poetry journals, so in fact there is plenty to be done and grumbling as I am in this post is merely another sort of prevarication…

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I am a writer and a poet.
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1 Response to This and that

  1. keep writing, my friend.

    Happy Halloween,
    Thanks for your support to Jingle Poetry Community,
    your talent is refreshing and amazing,
    we valued your presence, hope to see you with us any time,

    our poetry picnic week 11 is open now, old poems, new poems, or poems unrelated to our theme are all welcome.

    bless you, keep shining like a star.


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