Walking the dog this morning


Crackle-tan and ochre
scuffs beneath our feet.
Sienna, burnt and raw
rain-pasted to coarse
paddock grass. Single, lemon
hued leaflings hurtle in mad
dance ankle high, defy
demented terrier snap – drop
like stone, to lie atop
wind-piled drifts of
autumn treasure.


autumn, colour ,fallen leaves





About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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10 Responses to Walking the dog this morning

  1. brian says:

    yes they are a treasure..and whata dance you do between the colors…i can see the twirling and then collapsing in the pile with giggles…smiles….nice!

  2. Ravenblack says:

    Awesome, you’ve captured the sounds and colors of a walk and trampling of leaves on a autumn day in this one. Thanks for share. 🙂

  3. claudia says:

    oh nice…sounds like your dog had lots of fun..and you as well..smiles..great pic as well sally

  4. Heaven says:

    beautiful colors of autumn.. a treasure ~

  5. David King says:

    A really enjoyable read.

  6. wolfsrosebud says:

    this was fun… thanks

  7. hedgewitch says:

    I have one of those demented terrier types–very characteristic. Really strong visuals in this, succinct and well phrased all through.

  8. Morning says:

    this is homely,

    walking your dog in fall,
    playing with colorful leaves, nothing is better.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Sally, I enjoyed this immensely…the colors and the terrier. I’ve had Jack Russels for 20 years or so. Can relate. You have to love them.

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