I have entered this on One Stop Poetry as the worst poem on my website because although I like the sentiment and some of the lines, it feels altogether too trite and ‘dum de dum’ for want of a better description!  It is one of my earlier poems, written about 4 years ago.

We lurch from paucity to plenty;
from ahimsa to inhumane;
great charity to brutality;
our world – so full of strife and pain
swings, in wide and outspread arc
and yet its balance can maintain
and not stumble in time or space.
Our world, so full of strife and pain,
its wonder and its vast potential
to nurture, delight and sustain,
makes enlightenment essential.
The world, so full of strife and pain,
needs us all, with hearts wide open,
to set the stamp on our domain;
to teach, protect, encourage, pardon
and free it from the strife, the pain.

6 Responses to Untitled

  1. 🙂 hmm I enjoyed it actually

  2. brian says:

    i hear your crit…you have some good stuff to work with…might be worth a rewrite for you

  3. kez says:

    has a great message ….thank you

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