In Memoriam for Dverse Poets

In response to the prompt in remembrance of the tragedy of 9/11, I am linking a small poem I wrote a couple of years ago. To markRemembrance Sunday, which fell when my son was serving his first tour in Afghanistan, I went to Brookwood Military Cemetery. The service that year was held in the Canadian part, and I was made welcome. Although the service was mainly in French, and my language skills have stagnated since I was at school many years ago, it made no difference that I could understand only one word in ten.

It underlined for me that remembrance crosses all boundaries – language, culture, gender, nationality, religion, and even specificity of events – whilst this is not about 9/11, it could be said that the war it is about emerged from that event.

Here is what I wrote. It is very short.

Remembrance in Brookwood Cemetery

Beneath an almond-marbled sky,
headstones standing to attention.
Side by side veterans sigh
their pride at every comrades mention –
once close friends from days gone by.
Tree limbs stretch in supplication,
skies release a weep of rain – an
all enveloping cloak of pain.

5 Responses to In Memoriam for Dverse Poets

  1. brian says:

    love the imagery of the trees…and skies…standing in the national cemetary is a stilling place to be…all the white tombstones…

  2. claudia says:

    a cloak of pain…the almond-marbled sky…and then the terror…good write sally

  3. i love your use of personification here. of all days, it seems the whole earth felt the loss and gravity of events we never dreamed would be upon us. thanks for sharing.

  4. Beneath the sky headstones standing at attention this one is so true of this day and of many wars that past and are still here. thank you for sharing

  5. A direct cry of grief – I can’t think of a more appropriate response on such an occasion.

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