Collections : Random & Deployed

Deployed A4to A5 cover v 1is my latest collection of poetry and is about being an army mum. It was compiled over three years and five deployments. It progresses from poems that deal with dealing with fear every day to studies of the wider picture of this war.

Available now from my retail website Behind the High

Random is a mixed collection of poems from which I  read at Loose Muse at the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden on 9th February 2011.

On sale now at select branches of Waterstones and at the Runnymede Gallery, near Windsor and The Chertsey Bookshop and my retail website Behind the High

I must thank Gary Rogers, artist and curator of the Runnymede Gallery for allowing me to use his painting as the cover for Random’.

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  1. This is fascinating. Thanks for leading me to it,

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