Mark it and Move on

I am a little concerned about posting this – I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I imagine Osama bin Laden to be anything other than a monster…it just isn’t in me to celebrate a death…especially when there are others so eager to fill those monstrous shoes.

…and as for those pesky iambs…they continue to escape me it would appear!

Who armed him, who trained him and then
Who told him he was right? I know the man
Was evil and his plans were foul – levels
Of violence beyond the fantasies
Of a normal man. Cruel and unholy
Not borne of any sane belief, yet still
I can’t rejoice, even though I feel relief
The end of this one man will not bring us
To world peace. He did not walk alone –
To gloat incites revenge. Enough that now
He’s dead – let’s mark it and move on. Not for
Me the thrill of hubris, the smoulder of
Delight – just abiding sadness that still
We are no closer to mutual peace .

19 Responses to Mark it and Move on

  1. Treat the cause and not the symptom as they say!

  2. I must agree with the stance you have taken here, Sally. I do understand, though, why people are celebrating his death, but soon they will discover the hollowness of knowing it changes nothing.

    A great poem, well-expressed and so relevant for today.

  3. A fascinating exploration of a current news alert! Even though a figurehead has been taken away, there is still more darkness emerging! So many of us fear just this!

    • SallyJ says:

      I feel that in my poetry I have to say it as I feel it… though of course I understand the elation too that there seems to be a concrete’result’. I just wish it would make more of a difference. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  4. vengeance is a wheel
    makes us queasy with power
    let’s get off this ride

  5. Mont says:

    lol @ “pesky iambs” they’re not that bad and you’re not far off now 🙂 but. I love the sentiment you shared and blank verse is perfect medium for it. thanks for posting this one 🙂

    Monty / bummy

  6. hollyheir says:

    I liked your poem and agree with your sentiments. Yes, the pesky iambs don’t seem to be your unique rhythm although you managed quite a few and for the most part you did make lines of ten syllables; however there’s something in you that LOVES an anapest. To my ear (and well that’s just the way I hear it) there were a goodly number of anapests which shortened the lines from pents to tetras and sometimes shorter. Still it was a good try and a good poem along the way! Well done.

  7. Reflections says:

    I am hoping we are a people, celebrating more of the justice felt, rather than celebrating the death of any man, good or evil in his intentions.

  8. Jotting Pen says:

    We wrote on similar themes, how strange. I still can’t get my iambs straight or consistantly sort my trochees from my anapests, and that’s ignoring the dactyls. I can’t therefore comment of the form with any credibility. However, I found it a powerful work.

  9. I truly enjoyed it, I understand your position on this post. I don’t think I would have the courage you posses to having post your thoughts and feelings on this topic. I must also agree that although we don’t celebrate the death, we do however celebrate the relief of fear, doubt and wondering. I hope that is understandable.?.?

  10. journalread says:

    The number of comments on this one indicate the depth of feeling, and the technical aspects of poetry, considered – an interesting poem, very much of the moment.

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