Stone Heart and the Gull


Photo by D Rainsford

Stone Heart and the Gull

Well worth the wait my friend,
though often I gave up on you
and feared the worst. I blamed myself,
knew I’d asked too much.

Pah – never underestimate
the power of my wings,
my stubbornness,
my pride. Wind, hail, rain,
I take them in my stride!

So, tell me of the sea, tell me everything,
the sounds, the scents, the waves, the storms,
help me feel alive again and know the joy –
raw and cruel and wet and pure…

The sea is still rebounding, from shore
to distant shore. It feels great shame, reels
with the pain of forces it can’t fight. You
would not recognise this sea, the way it is tonight .

And yet it smells as sweet to me, the perfume
from your wings, the salt tang of ionated, blessedly
fresh air. After years of must and dust my friend
my stone heart just can’t care.

That is your loss and one I mourn, your lack
of understanding. It’s not your fault I realise
your blinded eyes , your deafened ears, the
coldness of your spirit…

Don’t lecture me, you dratted bird, your habits
aren’t much better. Look at my face – that was you.
You sully what you care for…so shut your beak,
Your smell I want, the bitter whiff of brine.

The thanks I get! Well not this time, I’m off
to mine some landfill. Just you remember statue
man as you stand there so still – I’m the only one
of us who can – who will return to sea!



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