Small Boots, Big Ideas

There are so many nifty bits to this blogging business and yesterday my ideas were too big for my boots. I have added a ‘ Home’ page, not once, but twice. It is the same page, but there are two links to it on the banner. I have no idea how to sort this out – yet.

The other downside of this, apart from looking a bit silly, is that anyone who has subscribed to the blog now seems not to be able to get to the posts. Perhaps the answer is to re-subscribe to the ‘Posts’ page…I hope that will work.

Talking of big ideas, I was amazed to discover, ( thanks to a comment on ‘Poetic Pomegranates from D), the importance of the pomegranate crop as an indicator of the market for produce in Afghanistan. Also found a charity that works to help farmers swap from poppy growing to pomegranate farming (link below on Blogroll)- brilliant.

My original poem referred to the ambivalence of the fruit…the contrast between the look of its skin and the jewels of fruit within;  the fruit’s inner beauty and its taste; the contrast between the bitter experience of tasting its fruit and the sweetness of it when it is juiced; the fact that it stains fingers with a nasty nicotine- yellow, and that my father, many years ago grounded me for smoking when in fact all I had been doing was eating pomegranates on the way home from school.

I have since discovered that it has various mythological meanings too – literally can depict heaven or hell. I will link this with the replacement of the Afghan poppy crop with pomegranates.

Definitely a poem here and all from an exercise on the colour yellow and a childhood memory about pomegranates.!

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I am a writer and a poet.
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2 Responses to Small Boots, Big Ideas

  1. Laura Notley says:

    It’s ok Sally. I’m still subscribed and can get to the daily posts from the Posts option on the menu bar. It is just one extra click – it’s a design feature as my husband (a software developer) would say. Can’t wait to hear your poem. Meanwhile I’m working on what I can get out of Yellow myself. There’s nothing like an afternoon off work to get the creative juices flowing!

    • Sally j Blackmore says:

      Oh great. I’m so glad I didn’t mess anything up. The one thing I miss about going out to work is that marvellously illicit joy of day time at home when most people are hard at work. Enjoy!

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