Happy 24th February -because it feels like spring

It’s happened again and what’s more, I noticed. Like many other bloggers, diarists and commentators on life, I want to mark the day. Today is the day that I noticed that Spring is on its way.

The sun is so bright through the skylight in the kitchen that I had to check there wasn’t a light switched on. The forsythia, primroses and crocus flowers are nodding in the sunshine, which is warm and gentle on my washed out winter skin. The birdsong is thunderous and the dogs for once are not eager to get back in the house but are snuffling around, tails swaying happily. One is even curled up in a sunny spot on the step.

I know of course that we could and probably will have bitter wind and driving rain and hail, even snow  – maybe around Easter time – its happened before – but still today I can feel change and promise in the air in Surrey.

What is even more wondrous is that after a few days where my energy levels have been very low and the M.E. has been making its presence felt, today I feel much more like myself, the real me. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the joy of spring  – cliched but true – and I am going to make the most of it.

So, it’s on with the wellies, out with the dogs, we are going to tramp the fields and just enjoy this brilliant day.

About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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3 Responses to Happy 24th February -because it feels like spring

  1. The Writing Runner says:

    Last week felt like spring here, but we’re back to cold and dreary winter. I want spring to get here and stay for good! 🙂

    • Sally j Blackmore says:

      I agree, and it is a bit dreary again here today.
      I just had to mark yesterday as the one where my spirits rose and I saw the possibility of the end of winter’s grip. Hope the weekend bucks up for you …

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