Waterstones here I come…

I really don’t know what came over me today, but I found the courage to sell my book to Waterstones, in the face of a little hesitance on their part because it has no ISBN number.

Buying a parcel of ISBN numbers is not difficult, but as they are available only in bundles of ten, which are then permanently anchored to the purchaser, at a price in excess of £100, it is quite a costly exercise. I don’t really want to spend that amount of money just now, but I would like to sell a few copies of my book, not least of all because I have promised some of the profits to H4H.

I have to acknowledge that another reason I felt able to push my book to the reluctant assistant was that that if I folded in the face of opposition, then my tame Rottie, standing quietly beside me ( Lizzie to most people), would have taken over negotiations and left them no place to run!

I was fortunate that they had in stock a previous anthology put together by a group of writers I used to write with, which had been sold, with no ISBN number, in aid of a local charity.

This enabled me to have five minutes with the manager, who not only agreed to sell ‘Random’ as part of a community scheme they run, but also suggested a Saturday morning book signing event to boost sales!

This pulled me up a bit sharp as I had not considered having to put my body where my mouth was, so to speak… but then, why not…what is the worst that can happen? With Lizzie booked to encourage people towards the signing table, how can  it go wrong?

The added bonus is that once the arrangement is set up with one branch of the book shop, then other branches can piggy back on it and buy from that branch as a supplier. So my next step is to talk to the other local branches…

The main thing I want to share here is that there is a way for writers to sell their books, ISBN numbered or not, to their local Waterstones, so go for it!


About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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2 Responses to Waterstones here I come…

  1. Lesley says:

    yee hah – what great strides you take…….great as in both huge and wonderful

  2. Sally j Blackmore says:

    thank you kindly Lesley. I’m not sure what came over me!

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