The New Look (Dior 1949)

The New Look

See –
look at me,
see me twirl
my velvet skirt swirl.
Watch as my hair
traps golden sun;
my suede high heeled shoes
beat sexy tattoo;
my satin gloved hands
signal, ‘come on’.

See the glint in my eye,
the smile on my lips,
the dip of my waist,
the curve of my hips,
The tilt of my neck – admire me,
and sigh,
deeply sigh
before you
pass by.


After the austerity of the Second World War, Christian Dior‘s sumptuous New Look with extravagant fabrics and flamboyant wide skirts was exactly the right antidote and women coveted the decadence of it. No more skirts fashioned from curtains or wedding dresses made out of parachute fabric.

This is my Napowrimo effort for today!

(it is duplicated under the Napowriomo tab).

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I am a writer and a poet.
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