Missed one

Oh dear – missed an entry on the blog and with the NaPoWriMo…just not enough hours in the day , also the sun is much too beguiling. The temptation is to sit in it because it is there and in the true and certain knowledge that for most of the summer it will hide deep in the cover of clouds.

We have six dogs for the next week – Chester the pugalier has joined us – that will keep us all on our toes.

Meet Chester

He has a velvety coat that is currently moulting drastically – what joy. He also just knows that if anyone sits down, the one thing they need to make the moment perfect is to have him on their lap, none of which is conducive to serious writing. Consequently I haven’t been doing anything constructive but I am determined to get my head down … tomorrow.

Today’s poem is a Shadorma, a form I had never heard of until I read this week’s Monday One Stop Poetry Form.  I am looking forward to experimenting with it.

This is my first effort and it is a poem I  had to write to get past this particular idea. Now it is done and I can move on!

‘And Now’, a Shadorma, can be read at


About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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