At last – a short story!

I have been concerned recently that my ideas for writing fiction had completely abandoned me. It has been so long since an idea tapped me of the shoulder and said ‘write me.’

Poems have come calling – some more easily written than others – but fiction has quite left me alone. It took a prompt from the Byfleet writing group and a stern ‘get on with it’ from our esteemed leader, but today, I have actually written it – a 1400 word story, from beginning to end.

As chance would have it, next week is the closing date for entries to the writing competitions being run by the 31st Winchester Writers’ Conference, so I shall tidy it up and submit it.

As for the conference, as usual I will be going along. For any writer who has never been, I would say it is a must. The workshops are brilliant and cover all aspects of being a writer from the writing itself to finding an agent, writing a submission letter, even self publishing. The speakers are all professional people from the literary and publishing world and there is a rare chance for one-to-one sessions with agents, publishers and writers. If you are serious about writing, then it is a weekend not to be missed.Apart from that it is also great fun. To find out more go to

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I am a writer and a poet.
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