Words into Actions – Chobham Poetry Summer School

I have spent the last two days since my return from Winchester following my To Do list. This was drawn up at the Sunday morning workshop with Victoria Field.

This particular workshop was brilliant and extremely useful. The first half was spent tracking back from a success and plotting all the pivotal actions that culminated in that success. I can recommend this exercise. It highlights unexpected steps on the route to success and once you have recognised them, they can be duplicated. Success does in fact lead to more success.

The session also led me to put into words something  have been avoiding for a long time, knowing that once I admit it aloud, then it has to happen. I admitted that I need to develop an income stream and that it just HAS to be born out of my writing.
There – now I have not only admitted it to myself, but also to anyone who reads this blog!

At first sight this seemed too much to achieve but it was gently (and not so gently) pointed out to me that I have many ducks in a row …I am a teacher, I have been published and broadcast as well as won awards for my writing, I have a Diploma in Creative Writing that qualifies me to teach it as a subject, I have time, and if I manage my life well I now also have the energy to make this happen. After a wakeful night turning all this over and over, I came up with several options and today I have put them into action.

I have contacted two local tourist attractions – a gardens and a gallery/historical house and offered my services to run writing workshops as part of their future events programme. I am awaiting calls back to iron out details.
I am thinking hard about other opportunities to run writing workshops….

Poetry Summer School
Whereas normally I would look around for one to join, this year, with much encouragement from a friend I have decided to run one.
It will run once a week between 1st August and 5th September (inclusive) 1.30 – 3.30 pm in Chobham in Surrey. It will focus on short form poetry and will cost £8 per person per session or £40 for the whole course. Anyone interested in attending, please email me with contact details at sjbpoetry@gmail.com .

Four Point Press
I am in the process of setting up a user friendly, no jargon, self-publishing press with a website under construction. The time has come to publicise it. I set it up almost by accident when I was asked for copies of the book I made for myself for my reading at Loose Muse in the poetry cafe in London. I have strong connections with a brilliant printing company and we have developed a range of products that are ideal for self publishers. There are design and setting options and the creation and production of marketing material is also available. I am still working on ways to offer help with publication to Kindle and, following the advice I was given at Winchester will also offer a ‘friendly critical reader’ service. Have a look at the developing website at http://www.fourpointpress.com .
I welcome comments about ways to improve it and also about other services that writers interested in self publishing would like to see made available.

These are small beginnings I know, but I have, at last, committed myself to a writing career! Of course, I also have my burning need to write to fit in…

About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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2 Responses to Words into Actions – Chobham Poetry Summer School

  1. jaytale says:

    Hi Sally! No need to ask how successful Winchester was. Sounds like a really good weekend and I look forward to hearing more. As you can see I’ve finally got back on line but I think it’s going to take me a while to catch up with the blogs and emails. Your growing self-confidence is inspiring !

  2. SallyJ says:

    Hi Jill, so good to see you back where you belong. Winchester was amazing…

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