8 Responses to Question?

  1. Lesley says:

    can you have more than one profile pic on your blog? If so put the logo as a second profile picture – or put it as your profile picture if there is only one – or embed it into your profile picture?

  2. wolfsrosebud says:

    On your dash board go to appearance (on left of the page) click and scroll down to choose widgets. On that page you should be able to click an option to display your logo. Hopefully…

  3. SallyJ says:

    Thank you …I will play some more…the problem seems to be that I only have it as a jpeg and the widgets seem to need a url…still thinking. Thanks for replying

  4. Sue Judd says:

    Sally – where does the logo come from, can you not link to a URL there? (I may be on the wrong track completely)…..

  5. Sue Judd says:

    This is the URL for the logo:

    Hope it works – and if you use this, are you infringing copyright??


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