Dverse prompt – The art of di Chirico

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Mystery and melancholoy of a street by de Chirico

The dark side –
veiled from where you run
in the sun.

by black bile – my choice,
berates the external voice.

Black dog tethered,
blind, chaos weathered –

by shadow. Oddly,
I recognise your joy.



About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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9 Responses to Dverse prompt – The art of di Chirico

  1. Nice take on the emotional ambivalence of the picture Good to see rhymes and simple stanzas that reflect the starkness of the art work

  2. claudia says:

    love how balance between darkness and light here sally…and great closure..Oddly,
    I recognise your joy..stays with me..

  3. brian says:

    wow…such a dark beginning to joy in the end…your words play well against his styling of painting…as with the sparseness of your language…well spun…

  4. Wonderful…I love the ending & the ‘Black dog tethered blind’ …fabulous! I really enjoyed this, and it will stay with me a while…

  5. Mark says:

    It is odd! This picture is such a bundle of contradictions and questions.

  6. C Rose says:

    I find the use of referencing the shadowing in the image so clever. Lovely write ~ Rose

  7. DCB says:

    The two things that came to my mind when I saw the picture: Holocaust and Akko Prison, two separate but connected entities. Of course, it can have been about neither but an interesting resonance.

    Ps. I cant see what im typing as the website has gone doolally so apologies for typos!


    • SallyJ says:

      so the shadows are really deep…it certainly has a lasting impression. Do you think any joy was visible from Acco or by the holocaust victims? Maybe just a shadow, like the girl with the hoop.

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