Stanza Poetry Group – Camberley area

I have just discovered that the local Stanza Poetry Group has folded because the organiser has moved out of the area. This is a great shame as the benefits of poets meeting and discussing their poetry are immense. To do this with the backing of the Poetry Society, with an inside track to events, current publishing trends and competitions makes it even more beneficial.

I am a long standing member of the Poetry Society, have read my poetry in the Poetry Cafe, and been on the receiving end of the support of a local Stanza group, so I would like to fill the gap left by our group’s demise.

I live and write in the Woking /Camberley area and have a room where we can meet free of charge, regularly and in comfort and so have applied to the Society to resurrect the group.

Anyone interested in poetry, the writing of it or the appreciation of it and would like to join the group, please contact me through this blog and I will bring you up to date with progress.

I am braced to be inundated with replies…

About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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4 Responses to Stanza Poetry Group – Camberley area

  1. Sandra says:

    Having enjoyed the Poetry in the Garden summer workshop so much I’d be interested in joining the new group if it goes ahead.

  2. SallyJ says:

    Brilliant Sandra – I am just trying to round up the members of the group before its demise – I reckon with 6 people it is OK to go ahead…already have 3 including you and me…

  3. Sue Judd says:

    Have thoroughly enjoyed Poetry in the Garden, and am very interested in joining the Stanza group.

    • SallyJ says:

      really glad you ahve enjoyed the poetry Sue – why not give Stanza a try? it is discussion rather than workshops but it is enlightening to see/hear other people’s work and comments.

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