Christmas is here…twice in the next week!

The holly will get there, but the balloons may not...

The joys of running a Country Market stall  include many and various ‘Christmas Specials’. On Saturday we have been invited to decorate our stall ( which may amount to a whole ‘half’ table top) with appropriate material as well as to bring along balloons (inflated and with string attached), hall decoration for the use of.

Immediately I envision the hatchback stuffed with our merchandise – books of our poetry,  A Toe in the Water, Ramblings with Jill and Jess, Random – ideal stocking fillers …something here for everyone, hand painted cards  gathered into sets of Christmas birds, Christmas animals, arsty-fartsy, photo-shopped snow scenes and a series of local buildings which may or may not be set in snowy surrounds, depending on how you look at them! these sets are becomingly tied with hairy string and appropriately labelled – thrice – as required by the committee. To this already considerable load add inflated balloons and holly – shiny green, resplendent with berries, and very, very sharp prickles. It does not take much imagination to suppose that while the goods and the holly will survive the journey to the village hall, the balloons are unlikely to make it in tact.

So, Christmas looms on Saturday….and then again on Wednesday. This is the day when the village holds its extravaganza, with toddies and Santas, mummers and pies and Morris Men. All will be making merry between 3pm and 9pm…6 full hours of seasonal high jinx. We are sharing a part of the Church Hall…a prime site on the High Street. I believe we may at this sale be allowed a third of a table top! Just enough for one or two slim volumes of poetry and a card or three. Currently I am considering ways in which I could wear our stock so that we actually have the opportunity of showing it to customers in the first place, let alone persuading them to buy. I have visions of pinning cards and poetry books to my clothes – much like the vicar of Dibley’s wedding dress with the chocolate wrappers!

What an experience this is turning out to be…

About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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3 Responses to Christmas is here…twice in the next week!

  1. What a giggle 🙂 Half a stall is better than none, and you’ll be ‘made up’ with the third of a stall come Wednesday!
    All the very best of luck with it Sally, what a great way to be preparing for a fun filled season.

  2. jaytale says:

    It sounds really great fun when you write it like that Sally! Hope there’s room for two to sit on Wednesday’s Christmas extravaganza or I’ll be circling you with our wares in a basket. ‘Come buy our lovely Letters and Lines!’ By the way did you see the girl on X Factor last night wearing a dress made from melted LPs? Don’t think I’ve enough for that trick but have made some more disc bowls! Jill

  3. SallyJ says:

    Oh…A melted disc dress would be the perfect way to publicise our stuff…are you sure you don’t have time?? I have made up gaudy Gift Sets in red material, smothered with scissor- crinkled ribbon! Hey-ho!

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