Not attached!

It really is sod’s law. I finally pluck up the courage to declare the five commissioned poems (the miracle of being commissioned by Agnes Meadows to contribute to the first Loose Muse anthology still hasn’t truly sink in) as finished, ready to send, and my email refuses to accept any attachments. This has never happened to me before…and I am stymied. I try a different browser…nope. It still won’t play. It is not as though I am attaching too much – it won’t even accept a single file. In my usual techno-tot way, I wonder if it is refusing just the one file, and so, try a different poem. Needless to say, still no success.

My next stop is the ‘turn it off and turn it back on again’ routine.
Tried with the browser. No go.
Tried turning off the computer. No luck.
Tried turning of the router for half an hour. Still no success.

I then ponder posting the poems, but realise that firstly I have no address to use, and secondly, that still doesn’t get the electronic files to the right place.

There must be a way. Then I remember ‘Dropbox‘. Now, I use this to move files from my little notepad to my desktop, which lives at the top of the house. Silly me…why didn’t I think of this before.I set up the folder, invite Agnes to share, and hey presto, the files are gone.

But have they arrived? There is no feature that I can find on ‘Dropbox’ to notify me if the recipient has actually shared the files. What if she doesn’t get the invitation. What if they won’t download. What if…what if… Plagued now by uncertainty, I wish I had just given up ages ago, and waited for another day when surely the attachments would attach. Maybe this was fate telling me the poems weren’t even ready…perhaps I should edit on more time…

Oh!The pressures of being a poet.

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I am a writer and a poet.
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1 Response to Not attached!

  1. Hooray! Well done you. The wonders of technology, ‘eh? Hope your email starts to behave very soon 😀

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