Objects into poetry for dVerse

For the first time in ages, this is my response to today’s dVerse.com challenge to poeticise (!) an object. The inspiration for this is the French writer Francis Ponge.

From my computer I can see a gang of long tailed tits attacking the buggy pellets in one of the bird feeders – this is my attempt to transform them into poetry…

Long-tailed Tits

Tail on a puff ball
crackle-voice of
nutshells underfoot.

Tear-drop nest, woven from
moss, spider silk, lichen-flakes,
feather bedded chicks.

Fuss, food,
fuss, fellowship
all in an apricot cloud.

The gang

The nest

About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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8 Responses to Objects into poetry for dVerse

  1. brian says:

    sally its great to see you…smiles….and nice capture as well…bohdirose does birds as well….nice economy of words in accomplishing this too…

  2. brian says:

    tales on a puff ball…ha nice….

  3. Chazzy Chazz says:

    I love Tits… Seriously, what a wonderful name for birds. The surreal ramifications of their name just take me for a joy ride. 🙂 That aside, your nicely honed hommage to these lovely little birds has captured them in a way where I see both you as poet in nature and them as beings in nature. The interplay of observer and observed has me tangled in an illuminating moment that brings a happy enjoyment.

  4. Wonderful! The short, precise wording and staccato flow really underscore the quick tap-dance movements of the birds… I really enjoyed this one.

  5. Long tails aside, it wouldn’t do to prolong the tit tale when a line such as “Fuss, food” works just fine! Truly, this is a joy to read.

  6. Wonderful bird song – that you gave us photos too made the complete experience – the rhythms let me hear them as though I were there.

  7. SallyJ says:

    Thank you all for such supportive comments – it’s good to be back!

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