All my dogs are leaving home – just a little doggerel!

It's all my fault!

One by one they leave to roam
the fields and nearby ditches.
One of them has moved next door,
another hides all day in hedges.
Ignoring calls and tasty treats
they trot off every morning
throwing glowering backward glances
at the cause of all their trouble…
He’s four months old and black as tar
with energy unbounded.
He steals their food,
he chews their toys,
plays cuckoo in their favourite beds.
He squeals and yaps and tugs their ears
and puddles every where. He offends
their sensibilities and hides their choicest treats.
And so, they leave to spend their days
wherever he is not and then at dusk
as the mercury falls and the mist
seeps up from the river. To the hoot
of the owl and the scent of the fox
they all come home for dinner.


My daughter has left me dog-sitting for Chester (a pugalier and well behaved) and Cav ( a cavapoo, a four month old puppy) while she accompanies a school ski-ing trip.

I would swap the pup for sixty energetic, hormone flooded teenagers on a ski slope any day!

About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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5 Responses to All my dogs are leaving home – just a little doggerel!

  1. He looks so sweet – but then, we cannot judge a book by its cover (heh-heh) – how sensible are the others? Great little doggerel :))))

  2. SallyJ says:

    Well three are Jack Russells – so not at all, and two are long haired Dachsies – one brain between them!

  3. sue says:

    Well, that sums up little cavapoo! I particularly like the rhythm of
    “He squeals and yaps and tugs their ears
    and puddles every where…..”

  4. Sandra says:

    Well that settles it for me. Since my cat died I’ve missed having a pet and wondered whether to get a dog or dogs again. I always had dogs before I inherited the cat from my daughter. Just today I was researching ‘ideal dogs for a family’, but having read your blog I’ve decided I’ll make do with making a fuss of next-doors’ cats when they come to visit the garden! All the pleasure and none of the hard work.

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