It’s Christmas…

…and it’s wet and murky. The wonderful frosts came a week too early for us to even pretend to have a white Christmas. The garden was a wonderland and much more Christmassy than even driven snow would have felt. Today though, it is a mire of sodden grass and dripping winter branches.

It would be very easy to be as gloomy as the weather this year as D is in Afghanistan still and K is in northern places for Christmas, but I refuse to feel glum. We are all happy and healthy and well fed with roofs over our heads; we all have loved ones to care for and who care for us and dogs to keep us cheerful – what more could we ask?

So, determined to keep smiling I have the log stove burning and am about to embark on a recipe for Christmas biscuits. The dogs are very interested in the gathering of ingredients…though Rosie is somewhat distracted by the new neighbours – two horses have been moved into the empty field next to us and she keeps catching glimpses of animals moving where no animals should be.

An Enid Blyton story is being broadcast on Radio 4 featuring very well spoken children and plinky plonky music…magical trees and enchanted forests, angry pixies…no ginger beer yet though and not an adult in sight. Ah, those were the days!

There is a massive flurry of  birds at the feeders – possibly because I have treated them to buggy bits and berry fatballs as well as the normal seed. They seem to be forging flightpaths that criss cross the garden as they speed from one feeder to the next. They move so fast and pass so close it is a wonder there are no mid-air collisions.

Any way – it is time to start mixing my chocolate Florentines – so for everyone reading this I have added my Christmas Robin to raise a smile. He was one of the most popular of the range of cards we painted and sold at the Country Market.

I wish you a peaceful and cheerful Christmas and a prosperous and happy New Year.


About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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