National Poetry Day + 1

For the first time in years National Poetry Day passed and I found myself bereft of words.

As is often the case lacking words of my own sends me scurrying to shelves of poetry books and yet still inspiration proved elusive.

My last experiment in writing was to toy with the guiding principles of the ‘Language Poetry’ movement, if it can be called that…though it seemingly failed to gain purchase on the UK poetry scene.

I found the whole idea of no structure, even no meaning, daunting and could only embrace the idea of borrowing from existing writing yet drilling down to only the words which called out to me as I read.

I returned to an old favourite, Gerard Manley Hopkins and sought inspiration from a letter he wrote to R Bridges in 1871…

…the intelliGent artisan
the too intelligEnt artisan
most inefficacious – stRenuous
heAven protestations
secular statesmAn
bat-light and shoot-at veNture
in the midst of pLenty
wrEck and burn
nothing but Harm
the spOils
cannot be exPected to care
and deservedly black-wrIte
                                            No more
no more Summer between


The title which best expresses what I felt as I was working was either – As it was, so it is – which is hardly original. Accordingly I have decided on Summer of 2017 instead


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I am a writer and a poet.
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