Passion Pink Shoes

Passion pink shoes - photo by Lauren Randolph

This is such a chirpy photo, so full of fun, and yet I could not write anything worthy – apologies to all at Onestop and Napowrimo – this is not fit to be called a poem, but it is my best effort for today.

With my passion pink shoes
and my head in the clouds
what matter lost muse?
For my passion pink shoes
are the perfect excuse
for a day off! They must be allowed,
– passion pink shoes,
days with head in the clouds

7 Responses to Passion Pink Shoes

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  2. dustus says:

    You crack me up saying it’s “not fit to be called a poem.” lol Well, your “POEM” speaks of those wonderful days off when you can do what you want, where what you want, and feel free. I like it, Sally.

  3. brian says:

    yeah i live for those days…nice verse.

  4. Louise says:

    Lol ~ I love this…days with heads in the clouds..I think we all get those! Good write to the prompt. : )

  5. Reflections says:

    Nicely done… longing for the day off, exploring new worlds, refueling if you will.

  6. SallyJ says:

    Hey – thanks guys – my funny little triolet seems to have hit the mark. Appreciate the comments, they have cheered me up no end.

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