Entries and eulogies

Just come  back from a great writing session. The mix of styles in the Wednesday group is impressive, as is the combined accolades won by group members.

Entries were being compiled for the Slough Arts Festival as the closing date is looming. As usual we have a mix of poetry and prose and have our collective fingers crossed that we might retain the trophy for Best Writing Group. If so we will have won it for an amazing third time in four years. I have entered two poems this year – Pomegranates (version 1) and End of Days, both of which came from exercises exploring primary colours. It is unlikely that I will repeat last year’s success as I won the poetry section, but hey, you never know.

I have also sold out of copies of Random, the collection from which I read at Loose Muse a week ago, with orders in hand for reprints – amazing. Other members of the group are also expressing an interest in putting together collections of their work and having books or booklets printed. There is not much that is more powerful than holding a slim volume in your hand and knowing that it exists because of words you have imagined, combined and presented on an empty page.

I was saddened to see that three more young soldiers have died in Afghanistan. I am probably behind the times with this, but while D is serving abroad I tend not to watch the news on TV or listen on the radio. I usually get my information from


The ukforces blog is brilliant for publicising upbeat, positive information, but of course also carries the eulogies when soldiers are killed. Naturally my thoughts always fly to the families – as I’m sure do most people’s. Over and again we hear politicians, newscasters, journalists say, ‘our thoughts are with their loved ones’.

I wish I could find stronger, more meaningful words to express what I feel, but there are none to be found. Just a well of sympathy, empathy and grief for young lives lost, and for mothers, fathers, wives, children, sisters , brothers, friends, comrades with empty hearts and only memories to fill the empty space in their lives.

My admiration is immense for the brothers in arms of these young soldiers who I know will be going about their work today with absolute commitment, in spite of the loss of their friends.

I will finish this instalment by mentally saluting those young people.

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I am a writer and a poet.
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