Twiddles and Tweets

I have found that it is entirely possible to spend the whole day fiddling with blogs and tweets and facebook walls. Linking them and making them look pretty is a consuming pastime but I need to remember the reason I am doing all this!

There is no point setting up this elaborate network unless I actually manage to get some writing done. However, this whole electronic world is very beguiling. Not only that, on my worst days, when the M.E. (CFS) has a very tight grip, the internet has been my lifeline. It has allowed my to shop, chat, explore and generally alleviate the isolation inherent in the disease. Even telephone calls often take too much energy as they require instant response and coherent thought, whereas emails for example can be written in one’s own time and stored in drafts for checking before being sent…though often I admit mine have poor capitalisation and very interesting typos because I do not check them well enough.

So, I have started to tweet, set up a poetry email address –, and hopefully linked everything to this blog.

Now for today’s poem. I was in M and S yesterday, wandering round the food shelves looking for tasty things to put in D’s parcel when it occurred to me that this sending of parcels, one of the most important ways in which I can show D that I am thinking of him, should have its place in the forthcoming anthology. The first step is to list the unlikely things he has been sent…very smelly cheese, a wind-up toy mouse, a book of Einstein’s riddles, an egg cup with a cutter shaped like a soldier to stamp out real toast soldiers, hundreds of party poppers, a toy aeroplane, a tiny maze….

There is definitely  inspiration here , if only for a list poem, though I rather fancy that the solemnity of a sonnet would contrast well with the light hearted subject matter, or maybe the repetition of a villanelle would be better. Time to start work.

About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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8 Responses to Twiddles and Tweets

  1. Maria says:

    Steady on woman! All this activity is a bit much. Don’t know what’s got into you, but where can I get some?

    Love your M&S list idea. I’m often inspired by the anomalies of shopping baskets but never put pen to paper. I think I’ve done small frying pan, Smartie pop-ups and bagels.

    Sounds like your Wednesday group’s putting others to shame, but good luck with Slough entries. And look forward to checking out your pomegranates. (Don’t think that’s an arrestable offence … yet.)

  2. Lesley says:

    we should all be grateful you shop in M and S and not S and M – seriously this sounds a great and ‘different’ idea for one of your collection

  3. Sally j Blackmore says:

    How honest should I be though guys – what was lurking at the bottom of the basket…

    Still running on adrenaline I think Maria. As for Sand M, a girl has to have e few secrets!

  4. Sandra says:

    The world of blogs, posts and emails is too alluring by half. I often think that if I devoted as much time to writing as I do to cruising (the net that is) I might get more things finished. Mind you it’s invaluable for picking up ideas for future stories, unlike the pile of hubbie’s shirts waiting to be ironed as I type. There’s nothing inspiring about those – but the iron itself has possibilities.
    …in my shopping basket there is an iron ….

    • Sally j Blackmore says:

      Oh so true Sandra!
      …and with the iron there is an electric drill, some pliers and a box of weedkiller…who am I?

  5. Judith says:

    Love this idea of a list poem. I shall watch this space!
    By coincidence, in The Times, on Wednesday, there was a little item about lists and a couple of websites: and Haven’t looked at them yet but they could be promising. Good luck!

    • Sally j Blackmore says:

      Thanks Judith, I will investigate the list links. Isn’t it great the way the internet joins up all our random thoughts in so many ways.

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