Twittering all over the place

I must thank L for introducing me to Twitter as it was meant to be used! Gone are the days of following 6 people and being followed by 4 good friends.

Since she explained about the way to build up a following, the @ business (still haven’t really got the hang of this) , the linking to the blog and the intricacies of lists, not to mention the etiquette involved, I have found a whole new career.

I am writing much more than usual, though it is not exactly what I had in mind when I vowed to write every day in order to complete the collection of poetry with the July deadline.

I perpetually worry that I have been rude by not thanking a list-er , or that I haven’t ‘followed back’ when I should have. Then there is the problem of replying – not easy when there are so many tweets to investigate -I have just realised there is an easy way to do this which does not involve scrolling through for an hour or two…doh!

The next thing to be careful about, I have discovered, is to read what has been typed before pressing the ‘tweet’ button. Today I was a bit too eager and implied that the insides of the pyjamas I was wearing were being hoovered when a delivery of a mountain of compost arrived. Of course, what I meant was that I was hoovering while wearing my pyjamas…and the next tweet I sent could possibly have made that clear  had it not been separated  by some two hundred other messages from the original. As a stand alone tweet it was utterly incomprehensible.

Given that absolutely none of this communication is necessary, or even more than mildly interesting, the cynical side of me asks why I am doing it. Then I read someone else’s throw away comment and it makes me chuckle aloud, or a haiku appears that is impossibly beautiful, or a prayer is circulated to be shared and strengthened by numbers, and I begin to understand.

Of course the aim is for my writing to be more widely known, to make contact with other poets,  both of which are useful and sensible, but just as when the internet first captivated my butterfly mind, on my twittering journey I am finding all sorts of things I want to understand, hundreds of links I just need to investigate, many messages of thanks I have to send, loads of interesting people I want to get to know…

…and so thank you L for opening this other wide world to me – now do you have any ideas about ways to fit my ‘real’ writing into my Twitter and WordPress and Blogger full day?


About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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