Posters and deliveries

I have just delivered a pile of my anthology, ‘Random’, to the Runnymede Art Gallery and been paid for them all up front. This was such a great feeling. It won’t make me rich, nor will it make shed-loads of money for H4H, but it is step in the right direction.

I fondly imagine that I can now call myself a writer and not feel embarrassed. I have also moved a step nearer to the Waterstones book signing, cautiously set to happen on Saturday 7th May. The store manager has suggested that I should provide some A3 posters and A5 handouts about the book.

Organising my publicity does not come easily to me and so I will be scouring the net for advice about what the publicity should say, and how it should say it. Should the main thrust be the book or the charity donation? Should there be anything about the author? These are questions I need to find answers to… if anyone can leave a comment to recommend a source for advice I would be very grateful.

As soon as the date and time are set in stone, I will publicise them here. Anyone who knows me and can make the journey to Camberley will then be inundated with invitations!

The other burning question is what on earth do I do if not one person wants me to sign a book? It must happen. I’m sure I’ve read of book signings where the author presided in glorious isolation. Is it acceptable, I wonder, to become absorbed in a good book? Or maybe I should pretend to be writing furiously? One plan could be to lurk around the shelves so the signing table looks empty and unthreatening, then pounce on anyone who feels safe enough to approach it. Another ploy that crossed my mind was to round up a few strapping looking soldier types, and there are lots of those in Camberley, and use them as bait.

All this is a great new adventure and I have to remind myself that it is really going to happen and as the consequence of one fifteen minute slot at Loose Muse. If Agnes Meadows and Adrienne Dines hadn’t persuaded me to read my poems, I would still be convinced that my peak was as an aspiring poet and sometime scribbler, and would never have found the confidence to take the next step and believe .


About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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