Now I understand!

The book signing on Saturday went really well. I sold seven copies in store and also there was an enormous amount of support for Help for Heroes with wristbands and badges ‘selling’ well.

‘Army Bear’, a delightful teddy was the subject of a Guess the Bear’s Name contest and more than paid for himself. He found a good home with a little girl who was the closest, guessing ‘Thomas’. I had named him Tommy, as a nod to the nickname of British soldiers, especially in the First World War, though the logic seemed to pass most people by! The best guess at a name, one I would have given a prize had I been able, was Strawberry. I just love the idea of a  Corporal Strawberry. Oh to think like a small child again.

Since Saturday I have felt down and out of sorts. I attributed this to a mixture of exhaustion and anti climax. Today however I had a writing assignment to complete and so had to ‘get a grip’.

I made a ‘naughty but nice’ frothy coffee, settled myself at my desk in a patch of warm sun, and started a free write to get me going. As each word was scratched from pencil to paper, my mood began to lift.

It was as if a layer of cloud was being burnt away by the simple act of writing. The coffee, a  much anticipated treat, went un-drunk and ended up in the dogs’ bowls, much to their delight.

The writing was not stunning in itself, but now I understand that I just have to write. It is good for me. The feeling I had was one of need rather than malcontent.

Next time I feel out of sorts, I now know that the remedy is in my own hands – I am being called to write.

About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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1 Response to Now I understand!

  1. jay2 says:

    I’m glad Saturday was a success Sally. As I understand it, selling seven copies over such a short time is really good. You can be proud.

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