Form Monday at One Stop Poetry

Free verse through form – a great article by Sam Peralta introduces this idea at One Stop Poetry for Form Monday.

After reading the article I was tempted to post this, which was going to become a Terza Rima but just refused to fit! The nearest I got to rhyme scheme was some iffy sight rhymes. I doubt it will stay as it is, but this is what it is for now…


The line is clear, like ice in gin
no hiss, click, interference
to obscure what I hear in

your voice.
Tired beyond tired.
Weary beyond tears.

Spent, debilitated,
you can’t hide from me.
The fatigue, the ragged

need for sleep stalks you
from day to unyielding Afghan day.

About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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8 Responses to Form Monday at One Stop Poetry

  1. chefkar says:

    wow ~ that was powerful ~ the punch delivered with the last two words.

    Here is mine for today: The Intruder

  2. John says:

    little sting in the last line unfolds the poems for the reader

  3. A Terza rima would more than likely give me a migraine!…I liked it as it is, you articulate the weariness of it all so well…there has got to be an end to this bloody war sometime surely??

  4. Mama Zen says:

    This is outstanding.

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