Free verse at One Stop

This week the article about his approach to free verse at One Stop Poetry . com  has been written by Steven Marty Grant.

After last weeks failed attempt – the poem ‘Not trained for This’ is undergoing major surgery – today’s effort is short and sweet…well, not sweet exactly, but definitely short.

Screams rip the air,
to whopping rotor blades;
of fear,
wide eyed horror,
awareness of emptiness where once were limbs.
This warrior lives…
…will live…
an undreamed
different life

About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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10 Responses to Free verse at One Stop

  1. brian miller says:

    makes me think of soliders…maybe coming home from war…nice…

  2. sandra says:

    Wow – the first lines certainly hammer home the horror. It made me gasp – but then it should. And the ending “an undreamed different life” is very moving. Well done.

  3. A powerful write…very moving indeed..

  4. Gay says:

    Not sweet – pithy and profound. What price freedom in any form – right? Well done. Gay

  5. John says:

    The horror of war balanced with the shock of civy street

  6. Raivenne says:

    Wow, the bluntness of this perfectly emphasizes the sudden star reality that will be this soildiers life. Excellent!

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