It’s official!

For once I have progressed beyond the short list stage and am now, officially, a BT Olympic Storyteller. Now all I need to do is discover what this really entails.

At best I would have a free ‘press’ pass to all major events – and that is never going to happen! At worst, I would recount the story of the Olympics from a distance!

I registered my special area of interest as ex-forces personnel who are competing in the Paralympics, and elected as my favourite events seated volleyball, paralympic track cycling and wheelchair rugby.

The only one of the three I have any experience of is the volleyball as I am a referee for the sport and have ref’d seated a couple of times. It is an amazing event. As for wheelchair rubgy -now that I really have to see…

My dream would be to be introduced to one of the squads for these events and to follow their progress to the Games.
Maybe I have to organise that for myself…so  I am off to Google and hopefully make contact!

Before I go surfing the net, and on a different note, I was sent the following link referring to CFS ( I have had the condition for 7 years now) which is useful reading, especially for friends and relatives of those with the disease, or someone facing recent diagnosis. In a world where there is so little known or written about the condition, it is useful to find information freely available. So, if someone you know has CFS ( commonly called ME in the UK)  go to for a little information.

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I am a writer and a poet.
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6 Responses to It’s official!

  1. ktb says:

    Amazing mummy, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a free pass to some events – guess who will offer to drive you and help you round all day! xxx

  2. John Greensmith says:


    Well done! It will be interesting to hear what’s involved – when you find out.


  3. Lesley says:

    amazing news well done – and you have another chauffeuse if you need one…..

  4. SallyJ says:

    thank you Lesley…a rota basis seems a good plan!

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