Two milestones…

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself today as I relax with a frothy coffee and watch the birds bickering on the newly filled feeders. The sun is streaming hotly through the glass and the leaves on the trees in the garden are positively glowing. The berries on the holly are fat and look as if they have been polished and the nasturtiums are straggling untidily like orange froth across the terrace wall.
The past ten days have been hectic, with the production of the first novel to be published by Four Point Press (one of my new ventures boxed up and ready to be collected by the author, as well as the final edit of the anthology for Paragram’s ( Toe in the Water reading event in November.
Maria and I managed to fully edit the text, finalise the cover and get the book printed in four days…that must be some kind of record. So now, FPPress has two published books to its name. Brilliant.
A copy of each book has been parcelled up, ready to be sent to the British Library, and I am sitting here with my face in the sun and my feet up, I am lazily considering my next tasks…a poem on Dedication for the Olympic Storytellers’ next challenge and the stock Jill and I need to prepare for our debut at the Country Market in the middle of November… later the urgency will return, but for now, I am enjoying ten quiet minutes in the sun.

About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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2 Responses to Two milestones…

  1. Kate O'Brien says:

    Enjoy Sally, you deserve it.

  2. jaytale says:

    I can’t believe Paragram’s debut performance is so close Sally! Our supporting book -‘Toe in the Water’ is super thanks to you and Maria – a diverse collection of writing which I hope will be enjoyed by anyone who obtains a copy. I also hope it will be the first of many. Thanks for your encouragement. Jill

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