DVerse – a poetic conversation

After a long absence, I finally have the chance to respond to the Dverse poets prompt…it’s good to be back!

My effort for the conversation in a poem is:

Enough Excitement for One Day

He dreamed of warm sea, unfamiliar skies
she planned a day at Eastbourne.
He considered jetting easily within his pension,
she mastered the middle lane of the motorway.
He mused about sporting matching sarongs,
she bought identical plaid rugs.
He intended late-life muscle tone and tanned limbs,
she tucked the rug tight across his lap against the chilly Channel breeze.
He savoured spicy meats, cocktails sparkling, gaudy,
she packed a simple picnic, sweet tea in the Thermos.
He yearned for aromatic, musky scents,
she breathed deeply salt-tanged, fish-smacked ozone
and turned her proud smile to his stroke-struck face.
He tried to smile with the moving part of his lips.
Couldn’t. Swear words jumbled, never reached his tongue.
He tipped his tea onto the plain of rug, taut across his knees.
She touched his cheek, eyes damp – from the breeze?
“I think we’ve had enough excitement for one day.
Next time it will be easier.” For a moment,
she watched tankers as they slipped easily across the horizon,
then stood and slowly folded her blanket,
corner to exact corner,
preparing their return to the car.
He did not help.

About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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5 Responses to DVerse – a poetic conversation

  1. claudia says:

    ugh…he should steal a porsche and escape…great seeing you back at dVerse Sally

  2. libithinal says:

    good to see you Sally ~ what an image you’ve painted ~ in his mind he had so many plans to do with his pension ~ so telling ‘smiles with the part of his mouth that moved .. was it a stroke .. him frustrated by not being able to express what he wanted to say ~ and she dealt in her caring way ~ shielding him from the wind ~ blanket on lap ~ ‘it will be easier next time …
    so sad ~ but the devotion shines through ~
    ~ warm hugs Lib ~

  3. brian says:

    yay…look who it is…smiles. and they say opposites attract but i think in this case common ground had slipped beneath that soiled rug…

  4. wolfsrosebud says:

    nice job with the prompt…

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