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Roughly sculpted for Dverse

This is all edges and unfinished surfaces – a quick and dirty poem in response the the prompt at dVerse set by Victoria C Slotto. Views It begins. The tickle of water, receding. Wave upon wave. As each subsides a … Continue reading

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DVerse – a poetic conversation

After a long absence, I finally have the chance to respond to the Dverse poets prompt…it’s good to be back! My effort for the conversation in a poem is: Enough Excitement for One Day He dreamed of warm sea, unfamiliar … Continue reading

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More poetic prose than poetry!

This is not a poem really – much more like prose, but this is the way it came to me when I looked at this picture. Thank you Fee for the great prompts, and One Stop for giving me … Continue reading

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This lullaby is my effort for One Shot Sunday Spirit of water wash over me and with each returning sigh lift me, drift me further from my fears; balance me deftly in your salty arms; spin me, spin me round … Continue reading

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The Sea – a villanelle – the first I wrote

I was looking back at some of my earlier poems, and decided the time has come to rewrite, edit and improve. The was the first villanelle I ever wrote so I have a fondness for it, despite some clunky lines. … Continue reading

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