I’m late, I’m late…

I seem to be taking life at a trot these days, not my usual stroll and amble. I think this is good, though it may catch up with me. CFS does not take kindly to increased pace!

Friday night’s Toe in the Water event by Paragram was amazing. The readers excelled themselves – the programme was varied and moved the audience from tears to smiles  and back again. What more could be asked for an evening of readings?

In mid-stream

Every single feedback form that was completed, (and there were loads, always a good sign) was chock full of positive comments. The venue, The Chertsey Bookshop, was perfect with the backdrop of bookshelves and the comfy seating for the audience. The coffee was strong and hot…altogether a wonderful evening. We even sold 16 books – amazing!

Now I am on to the next big thing…well one of them. We  – that is Jill my partner in this particular crime – and I spent hours stuffing cards into plastic wallets to sell at the Country Market later this week, and pondering how to price the bookmarks and notebooks. We have gathered a make shift float, reckoning that we may even manage to sell something, and collected all our stock, including three different books of poetry – Random, A Toe in the Water and Ramblings with Jill and Jess – see how prolific we have become. The main reason we decided to attempt to run a stall in the first place being to let people know that there are writers and artists in the area, with skills for sale! So, we have the stock, we have the float, now all we need is the patter…

It was quite by chance that I remembered that an interview I did for Premier Radio was to be aired on Remembrance Sunday and luckily I had time to record it, not being brave enough to listen to it ‘live’. Well, I listened to it yesterday, when the house was safely empty of everyone but me! I didn’t recognise myself. It was uncanny…I sounded completely different. I recognised my words, but not the voice that was speaking them. It didn’t make me cringe fortunately, but I think that was mainly because I felt as though it had little to do with the me that I know. The two poems  that were read came over well enough…I just wish I knew who was reading them!

Still, no time to sit and wonder – I have four poems to write for Loose Muse and another for Olympic Storytellers, and all with the same early December deadline…what a wonderful life this is.

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I am a writer and a poet.
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1 Response to I’m late, I’m late…

  1. jaytale says:

    Well done Sally for recording the event. I’ve lost by blogging thingy somewhere – can’t think where I left it but I suppose it will turn up.It was an excellent evening at the Chertsey Bookshop and another first for my collection of firsts. The Country Market will be the next. Jill

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