The Next Big Thing

Poetry year Covers

Selection of Poetry Year cover pages

I have spent some time considering what the next big thing is for me. Since I completed Deployed and it was published, I have diverted much of my attention elsewhere.

I set up a web based retail site at and that has diverted much of my energy away from my personal writing. I began leading the ‘Poetry Year’ course and every month have upwards of 15 great poets either in my Writing Room in Surrey, or on-line every month as we explore many aspects of writing poetry.

The Poetry Year involves writing and printing (or, rather, having printed for me) a 16 page booklet detailing the aspect of poetry we are studying, with examples and exercises so that we can attempt to integrate what we have studied into a poem of the month. Designing the cover has been fun too and has improved my photographic skills no end.

The writing that is emerging from the group is stunning in its breadth and quality… and that leads me to my next ‘big idea’. These books, the writing that is being generated all needs find an audience. It is too good to waste and so I will knock it into shape, tidy up the loose ends, ask for permission to use the poems whose beginnings lie in the course  and have a go at publishing a poetry how-to book!

Watch this space.

About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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4 Responses to The Next Big Thing

  1. suej says:

    Excellent idea!

  2. What a fab idea – go girl! 🙂

  3. Sandra says:

    That is a really good idea. If I was just starting out writing poetry the sort of thing you have in mind would be perfect.

  4. SallyJ says:

    Thanks all – now I have said it out loud, I have to make it happen!

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