raindrops collage

I love rain – real horizontal rain, but drizzle! Drizzle by contrast is grey and invasive. It creeps in and dampens your hair and your shoulders before you even realise its raining at all. It lurks in the grey air and gives no sense of falling, it just is.

It is almost-rain, notquiterain, wishitcouldrain and so today I set out to find an upside to drizzle.

There is no feeling of battling with the elements, no associated excitement, no puddles to straddle or floods to fear. And yet, here hides magic if only we could lift ourselves out of the greydrizzlyfunk to find it.

Remember to wear a coat because you will get wet…and then go nose to nose with your garden plants. Home in on a petal here, a bud there, a leaf, a stem, a berry. Look closely.

Close enough to see featherlight drizzle settle gently.

Watch as it rolls sedately across a petal to gather in slow s l o w drop on sepal-end. Find the mini-puddles held by leaf, or the tiny streamlets meandering through the late-summer greenery. See as dahlias dip their blowsy heads to tip the water in a steady drip-drop-drip to the thirsty earth beneath.

And if you are lucky, catch the action with your camera – be it fancy SLR or quickpic mobile phone. Find the magic and use it to spin drizzle from damp invader to joyous autumn visitor.

About SallyJ

I am a writer and a poet.
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2 Responses to Drizzle

  1. leslelwhayman8@tiscali.co.uk says:

    Hi Sally

    Did you get my updated spreadsheet and remember docs sent to you on Sat? Hope you di coz I can’t access them from here to send again – please let me know.




  2. SallyJ says:

    I’m afraid I don’t know her personally…try her publisher or the academic institution she has connections with…

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