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Dverse Poets – Meeting the Bar

What a great exercise Dverse has come up with this week! Thanks to Claudia and Zsa from the zumpoems site.  The task is to take a passage of prose and, following several steps, ‘translate’ it into poetry. As suggested I went … Continue reading

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Walking the dog this morning

  Crackle-tan and ochre scuffs beneath our feet. Sienna, burnt and raw rain-pasted to coarse paddock grass. Single, lemon hued leaflings hurtle in mad dance ankle high, defy demented terrier snap – drop like stone, to lie atop wind-piled drifts of … Continue reading

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Dverse – form for all

Still struggling with the problem of whether an ‘ed’ ending to a verb constitutes a syllable, I have attempted a Somon  in tanka form for the Dverse form for all. I suspect it is neither a tanka relying as it … Continue reading

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DVerse – a poetic conversation

After a long absence, I finally have the chance to respond to the Dverse poets prompt…it’s good to be back! My effort for the conversation in a poem is: Enough Excitement for One Day He dreamed of warm sea, unfamiliar … Continue reading

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Last Train Journey for Dverse Poetry

I just couldn’t resist this in answer to Claudia’s prompt on Dverse…   The pauper and the Spanish gentleman, a seamstress, apprentice, clerk and engineer; the builder, inn-keeper, much loved wife; a flower girl, a thief, doctor and solicitor slumber side … Continue reading

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Dverse poetry pub – critiquing

I am so sorry not to have your sessions to look forward to Luke. I have enjoyed them immensely. Here is a poem that needs work.Please pull it apart so I can put it back together and make it stronger … Continue reading

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dVersepoetics – going urban

This poem is about the part of London where I was born. It is about my earliest memories of the place I lived as a very small child.             River scented Chiswick, before the motorway, … Continue reading

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This ancient Persian form is excellently explained at www. – go along and join in.           Take a rose then shroud it with drab cotton. Is this the way we repay God’s bounty? Cut off the … Continue reading

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Dverse prompt – The art of di Chirico

Why not log on to and join in with these amazing artwork prompts. Melancholia The dark side – veiled from where you run in the sun. Cloistered, by black bile – my choice, berates the external voice. Sanctuary! Black dog … Continue reading

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